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Truck Pick-up Crane with Cable & Winch

Truck Pick-up Crane with Cable & Winch

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This pickup crane with cable winch can easily be mounted on your truck, this provides for easy loading and unloading. Due to the winch, you can pick up loads directly from the ground. The winch is manually operated. When fully loaded the ball bearings of the turret provides for smooth adjustment. There is a separate bracket for the included rod. Also a large chain with hooks is included. The head with bearings and locking screw can swivel 360 °. With this pick up crane you will be able to safely transport goods and object at the back of your truck.

  • Maximum height from ground to bottom of hook: 160 cm
  • Total height from ground: 215 cm
  • Cable length of the winds: 9.5 m / rope size: 5 mm
  • Base mounting plate: 27 x 27 cm with 8 mounting holes
  • Maximum opening of large hooks: 20 mm
  • Maximum opening of small hooks: 23 mm
  • Load arm length: min. 100 cm / max. 140 cm 2-stage adjustable load arm: 450/900 kg
  • Dimensions: 75 - 140 x 27 x 155 - 215 cm (l x w x h)
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