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2x Powertrain Adjustable Kettlebells Weights Dumbbell 18kg

2x Powertrain Adjustable Kettlebells Weights Dumbbell 18kg

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Build the best strength training routine with this pair of 18kg/40lb adjustable kettlebells from Powertrain. This innovative set of exercise equipment lets you perform a variety of strength and conditioning exercises, including squats, curls, presses, swings, rows, lunges, and much more for an efficient and effective workout.

Each kettlebell in this set of 2 features a high-quality handle with a locking mechanism, plus 6 cast iron weight plates to change the resistance depending on your fitness goals and ability. Use the handle alone for light lifting or add any combination of plates to reach your preferred weight. With a maximum load of 18kg (40lbs) per kettlebell, this set is suitable for everyone from beginners to pro lifters looking to maintain their training routine.

Adjusting the kettlebells' weight is easy. Just turn the dial to unlock, slide in the plates you want to use, and lock again. From there, you can start lifting. The process takes no more than just a few seconds - making these kettlebells ideal for supersets and dropsets where different weight levels are needed.

These adjustable kettlebells also have ergonomic handles as well as rubberised bases to prevent scratches and scuff marks on your home gym's floor. No worries about storage, either, as you can slide all the weight plates into the kettlebell after each workout.

This weight set is all you need to tone your arms, abs, and any other muscle groups you want to strengthen. So say no to bulky and expensive kettlebell sets - get your Powertrain adjustable kettlebells today!

  • Adjustable quick lock mechanism
  • Weight 18kg each
  • Sturdy construction

  • 2x Adjustable Kettlebells
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